Wizard Leak Detection 

Perth’s Leak Detection Experts

The Client: Wizard Leak Detection


Wizard Leak Detection is a leading leak detection service provider, delivering an array of services to both residential and commercial customers. Their proficiency lies in detecting and diagnosing leaks in plumbing systems.

Despite the vital nature and quality of their services, their full online potential remained underutilized due to a lack of visibility on Google Search.

The Challenge: A Leap Forward for Wizard Leak Detection

Wizard Leak Detection,  previously disheartened due to unfulfilled promises from a past SEO and website design company, approached us. They had invested significant resources, both financial and emotional, into improving their online presence, only to be met with disappointment.

Undeterred but cautious, they sought our expertise to salvage and enhance their online visibility, hoping to turn around their digital misfortune while aiming for robust online growth.The major difficulties they grappled with included:


  1. Underperforming in search engine rankings for essential leak detection service keywords.
  2. An under-optimized website that didn’t properly emphasize their plethora of services.
  3. Insufficient online content that failed to engage potential customers or effectively portray their industry expertise.

The Strategy

In response, Bitvalley devised a robust SEO plan tailored to Wizard Leak Detection.

Our strategy emphasized keyword optimization, website enhancement, and the development of engaging and pertinent content. The approach consisted of:


  1. Comprehensive keyword research to pinpoint relevant search terms for each of Wizard Leak Detection’s services.
  2. A full-scale transformation of the website’s design and content to better highlight their services and optimize for search engine visibility.
  3. Launching informative and engaging videos on YouTube, TikTok, and LinkedIn.
  4. Generating high-quality, SEO-friendly content for each service, with the intent to address common customer inquiries and exhibit Wizard Leak Detection’s expertise.

The Result

Our SEO implementation led to impressive results for Wizard Leak Detection in as little as four weeks. The company’s online visibility experienced a significant uplift, which in turn increased website traffic, customer inquiries, and business growth.

Noteworthy accomplishments include:

  1. Achieving first page ranking on Google.
  2. Securing a top-three position in Google Maps for most suburbs across Perth for relevant search terms.
  3. Experiencing a rise in customer calls from 2-3 per month to 2-3 per day for leak detection services.
  4. Attaining first page ranking for all relevant search terms including leak detection, polybutylene pipe repairs, and moisture testing in Perth.
  5. Expanding their range of search terms in line with the expansion of their service offerings.
Search Impressions increasing for Wizard Leak Detection- Search Console Screenshot

The Partnership

Our collaboration with Wizard Leak Detection, steered by the dynamic duo of Tim and Damion, is characterized by a shared vision and mutual trust. This is not your typical client-service provider relationship; we consider ourselves an integral part of their team.

Tim and Damion have openly expressed their appreciation for our candidness and proactive communication. They’ve lauded our ability to think outside the box, which has led to unique and effective solutions tailored to their business needs. These affirmations have not only solidified our partnership but also motivated us to consistently bring our best to the table.

As their business continues to grow, so does our bond. Every success they experience, we celebrate as our own. We have an immense sense of gratitude for the opportunity to work with them and contribute to their ongoing success story.

We are committed to the journey, ready to navigate future challenges, and excited to celebrate future victories alongside the Wizard Leak Detection team.

Services Breakdown

Wizard Leak Detection offers a broad range of services, and through our SEO efforts, we were able to effectively highlight each one:


  • General Leak Detection Services: We developed dedicated content around general leak detection services, focusing on relevant keywords. This led to a substantial increase in inquiries for this service.
  • Plumbing System Services: By emphasizing Wizard Leak Detection’s expertise in plumbing system services, we optimized for related keywords. This not only boosted search rankings but also bolstered the company’s professional image.
  • Emergency Leak Detection: By emphasizing this vital service, we managed to drive traffic during peak demand periods, leading to a significant increase in bookings.
  • Commercial Leak Detection Services: Optimizing for commercial-related keywords helped Wizard Leak Detection reach a new customer segment, leading to an expansion of their client base in the commercial sector.
SEO Analytics infographic


 “We can’t praise Ignatius enough. Our enquiries have rocketed from 1 call a week to 15 calls a week now.” Damian, Wizard Leak Detection