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We understand that a small business requires focused attention. That is how we have helped our customers grow their sales and exposure. It’s not enough to be online. You need to really good at being online. We’re your Small Business SEO experts.


Small Business Blog Articles

We ensure effective and quality content is being published on your site. Google should recognise your small business as an “authority” in your industry.

Small Business SEO Strategy

Over decade we have evolved with Google’s search algorithms. We have small business SEO strategies that benefit our small business clients.


Tailored for Small Business

A small business requires the same attention as a large corporation, but a different approach. There is no “one size fits all”. We treat your small business in the context of its environment.

Small Business Content Strategy

Many firms outsource small business SEO content from overseas based content “factories”.  That idea makes us feel ill. We have proven time and again that quality and unique content that benefits visitors to your site is the only content that counts. 

Small Business Reviews

We work on strategies to ensure that your clients can easily review your excellent service and products. We make personal contact with each happy customer to encourage a review of their positive experience with your small business. Reviews speak volumes to future customers and Google listens them.

Ideas Are Precious

We think outside of the box to ensure that your small business receives the attention it deserves. Sometimes a unique strategy is required to feature higher than your competition. We have good ideas that all follow Google’s Good Design principles.

Make Your SMALL BUSINESS SEO a Priority.

WE certainly will.

Increase Conversion Rates of your Small Business

We closely monitor all aspects of your online traffic. We know which channels are effective and which channels deserve more attention. Bitvalley drives more effective traffic toward your website. Our funnels strategies and frictionless designs result in more clients. You don’t simply want traffic: You want people looking for your specific service and products. We help you to achieve this.

Reduce Bounce Rate of your Small Business

Every time a visitor leaves your site too quickly, it increases your bounce rate. Google attributes this behaviour as a result of your website not being engaging or satisfactory for visitors. Therefore you are ranked lower.  

Bitvalley works on your bounce rate to ensure that visitors to your site will find what they’re looking for.


Drive More Small Business Traffic

The internet is a big place and just about everyone is online. So how do you get the traffic you need when it’s so competitive?

Bitvalley’s Small Business SEO strategies give you the best shot at being noticed by the people who need you. You don’t need the entire world to visit your website: you need clients who are ready to engage with you.

Bitvalley funnels ready clients toward your site by getting the right traffic from the right places. How easy are you to find?

We’ll help you to stand out through expert SEO and get the traffic your small business needs.


Turn your traffic into loyal customers and return visitors. Don’t miss out!

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