In 2008  I managed to achieve my first website at #1 ranking for Google search.

At the time I did not realise what impact it would have on a small family business. That same business catapulted from  $4000 revenue per week to $40,000 revenue per week.

 Whenever I ran into a friend or family member with a struggling business, I would offer to spend an afternoon to help them out. Each time their traffic and sales would experience significant growth.

Only later did I learn about the term “SEO” which is what I had been doing without realising what is was called.

I had been deconstructing and reconstructing computers since I was 7. 

For me, it was all part of a bigger whole: technology – and my passion has always been squarely focused on improving life with technology.

Today, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is far more specialised and intricate … and I love every bit of it. If you need excellence in world class SEO contact us today.


Ignatius Davis

I am not merely an SEO consultant.

I am qualified with a B.Comm E-Commerce as well as a B.Econ with a focus on digital business and environmental policy. I understand business. 

My current clients range from NFP organisations and charities to tradesmen who gross $150,000 per annum to large exporting companies who gross $18,000,000 per year.

I maintain these clients through obsessive attention to detail and consistent care toward their online presence and desired goals.


Other SEO specialties


Own a small business? We started off with small businesses. We know the stress and risk involved. We’re your SEO partner in small business.


We also manage SEM such as Google Adwords. We work closely with Google to ensure efficient exposure for the investment you’re making


SEO is only one of our many services. However, SEO, is one of the most vital aspects of your business. SEO is influenced by over 200 factors and we ensure your best shot at the next click.

SEO Consultant

We can also audit your website or business, advising on your current SEO opportunities and where more focus would be better spent. Time and money are valuable and we treat them accordingly.


Sales  improved by a clear measurable 30%. Our revenue has increased by several million at least due to fresh international exposure 



I struggled for work every day. Now my phone rings all the time. Ignatius practically built the business.

– Everest Airconditioning


The site is truly beautiful and we receive new walk ins more regularly now.

– Evangelismos Orthodox Church

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